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A script is a program file that can be loaded into your bot to give it new responses or functions. Bot Libre support scripts written in Self and AIML, as well as response list files.

The Bot Libre script library provides many open source examples scripts and data files in several different languages and formats. The Bot Libre script library supports uploading scripts written in any language. You can even upload HTML, JavaScript, and css files to host a website on Bot Libre.


You can create your own script from the browse script page. To create a script, just give it a name, description, and category to categorize it under. You can either make the script private and choose who can access it, or make it public and accessible by anyone.


Properties Description
Script Name Enter a script name.
Language Programming language or type of script.
Description Optional description.
Details You can enter optional additional information.
Disclaimer You can enter optional legal information.
License Optional license to release the script and all of its content under.
Website If this script has its own website, you can enter it here.
Website Subdomain (or domain) You can choose a subdomain to host your script's own website, or give a domain that you have registered and forward to this server.
Categories Comma separated list of categories to categorize the script under.
Tags Optional comma separated list of tags to tag the script under.
Private A private script is not visible to the public, only to the user and users grant access.
Hidden A hidden script is not displayed in the browse directory.
Access Mode Define who can access this script.
Fork Access Mode Define who can fork(copy) this script.
Content Rating Rate the script.
Ad Code You can display ads on your script's pages.

Editing Source

Button Description
Choose script action from menu.
Back to home of script source.
Save source.
Upload script
Download script.


View and administer the script's version history.


Button Description
Choose script action from menu.
Back to home of script source.
Permanently delete the script versions.
View the version source.

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