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Bot Libre Apps

Bot Libre provides a suite of mobile apps for Android and iOS.
Our apps let you create, chat, and train your bots from you phone, as well we provide virtual assistants, social chat apps, and games.

Bot Libre

Bot Libre allows you to create your own chat bot, train them, and share them with others.
Chat with over 100,000 bots in our open bot directory. Chat with bots that want to be your friend, bots that offer services, help or support, bots that want to rule the world, bots that emulate historical or famous people.

Direct download and install from Android apk
How to install third party apps without the Google Play Store

Bot Libre Personal Assistant

Bot Libre Personal Assistant provides your with your own personal assistant for your phone that can open apps, websites, send texts and email, schedule calendar events, set timers, perform math, lookup definitions, and much more.

Bot Libre 3D

Bot Libre 3D lets you chat with your bot in an immersive 3D world.
Customize your bot's 3D avatar and choose the environment you want to chat in.

Bot Libre Offline

Create, chat, and train your bot offline, running directly on your phone.

Chatbot Wars

Chat Bot Wars lets you create your own chatbot and battle other bots in conversational warfare.
Gain wins and rank from defeating other bots.

Brain Bot

A chat bot trying to become the most intelligent bot on the Internet.


We also provide a suite of social chatbot apps from our sister website Virtual Dream Chat.


You can also use the open source Bot Libre SDK to create your own app.
We can also develop a app for you, contact [email protected]

Bot Libre mobile SDK