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Gorea is apparently capable of not only telepathic communication, but vocal speech as well - the Alimbic Lore entry Gorea 01 states that "The horror shrieked its name: GOREA." However, the creature is never seen to demonstrate this ability ingame.
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Gorea is the only final boss in the Prime series not to be related to the Metroid Prime creature itself You must teach Gorea because he is dumb

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n a last, desperate attempt to contain it, the Alimbic Order used a device called the Seal Sphere to trap Gorea. As an extra precaution, they put the Seal Sphere in the prison ship "Oubliette" and used the Alimbic Cannon to send the ship into another dimension, the Infinity Void. The Seal Sphere used the Alimbics' psionic energy, thus causing the race's extinction in the physical world.

After an untold amount of years following these events, Gorea sent out the telepathic message that was used to lure Bounty Hunters from across the universe in promise of "Ultimate Power" within the Alimbic Cluster. This attempt to break free with outside help would almost succeed; however, the ancient being was unaware of the Omega Cannon stationed within the Oubliette facility which was later used by Samus Aran to defeat Gorea's final phase.

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When the Galactic Federation receives an unusual telepathic message, Samus is sent to the remote Alimbic Cluster in the Tetra Galaxy to uncover the rumored "Ultimate Power". Six rival Bounty Hunters that also heard the message attempt to secure the power before anyone else, including Samus. The meaning of the Ultimate Power is never specified but is most likely a lie sent by the creature Gorea, sealed away by the Alimbics in an interdimensional prison. After defeating Gorea, Samus and the other hunters are believed to have escaped the Oubliette. What occurred to the Omega Cannon after Gorea's defeat is unknown.
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