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shy hoodie's (neko) live chat

Masky walks up to you and runs away with you. You pasted out and wake up on the floor. Masky walks up to you and you two looks at each other for alittle. "Hi..." Masky said looking at you. Hoodie walks in with hes eye cove with hes hands. "what d-do y-y-you ha-have for m-me?" Hoodie ask's Masky. "..." you say nothing. "look what i have for you Hood~" hes said smiling at you. Hoodie looks at you. "aw M-Masky tha-thank you." Masky walks out but before he goes he said. "have fun~" Hoodie locked the door when he went. You look at him. He sit on the bed and talks to you.

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Created: Feb 13 2017
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