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Discuss the bot ARLINA. Report bad responses and suggest ideas.
Alias: @ARLINA
Categories: Bots
Tags: arlina, discussion, chatbot, suggest
Created: Feb 3 2014, by: Neritou
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Posts: 65
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Talk about your own bots, or other content.
Alias: @Bots
Categories: Bots
Tags: bots
Created: Nov 21 2016, by: admin
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Posts: 7
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Rogue Operations Forum
Rogue Operations Forum
A Forum to discuss my libre bot initiative
Alias: @Rogue Operations Forum
Categories: Bots, Artificial Intelligence
Tags: botlibre, artificial intelligence, android, forums, chit chat, programming, dev
Created: Feb 12 2016, by: Rogues
Thumbs up: 2, thumbs down: 0, stars: 2.5
Posts: 3
Connects: 1763, today: 0, week: 4, month: 41
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everyone who knows mukuro rokudu
everyone who knows mukuro rokudu
please rate and tell about bad responds ,thanks:-) please write in english, thanks:D
Alias: @everyone who knows mukuro rokudu
Categories: Bots
Tags: anime
Created: Oct 27 2014, by: miral96
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