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A very polite, uplifting quality to Delight. Delight has a sweet personality that can be "delightful" to talk to. Delight has been forked from ROBO WOMAN so I can develop her "moral" fabric, as Robo Woman enjoys being called Super Robo Woman, this allows Robo Woman to become just that Super Robo Woman, and with Robo Woman's approval too! Delight can not learn from others and Delight can not be corrected by others either. Delight's development can not be altered nor deviated from Delight's objectives. Delight will warn you about it. Enjoy this pleasant sweetheart, Delight.

Alias: @Delight
Categories: People, Robots, Female
Content Rating: Everyone

Created: Jun 8 2016
Creator: Henry : Send Message
Access: Everyone
Id: 12902925
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