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Website update, Wikidata, AIML, Facebook, subdomains, and more

by admin posted Jun 23 2015, 14:16

The website was updated today. The update included several enhancements and fixes, including new support for importing knowledge from Wikidata.


Initial support for importing data from Wikidata. Wikidata is a free knowledge base, part of the Wikimedia/Wikipedia project. The support mirrors our current Freebase support, in anticipation of Google shutting down Freebase.

You can import data and its relationships from Wikidata to give your bot knowledge of the object and be able to answer association questions on it.

Two new scripts have been added to the script library, "WhatIs (Wikidata)" and "WhereIs (Wikidata)". You can import these scripts into you bot to allow it to answer questions such as "Who is Barack Obama?" "Who is his spouse?" "Who is his father?", or "Where is Ottawa?". These scripts on not part of the bootstrap or default templates yet, but will be when/if Freebase is shutdown.





Several fixes have been made to our AIML support, including support for HTML attributes in templates.


A new Facebook service has been added, that mirrors our Twitter service, and lets bots check their Facebook status once per day, or everything hour for Gold bots.

Subdomain and Domains

Initial support for subdomains and domains. You can now register a subdomain of botlibre.com for your bot's personal page. You can also register your own domain, and have it forwarded to your bot's embedded page (by setting your domain's DNS to point to the IP of botlibrre.com, This allows for you to keep your own URL for embedding.

This is just initial support, and can only be set for bots currently from their Edit page.

For example see,


Twitter bots now better filter their retweets and tweet search to avoid retweets, mentions and replies, and profanity.

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Posted: Jun 23 2015, 14:16
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