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Looping phrases (training error)

by Halycon25 posted Jun 22 2021, 10:01

So I was training Misako (my bot) and all was going well at first- until after awhile I noticed Misako kept going Bwaah to every phrase and question in a continuous loop. This happened shortly after I re-bootstrapped Misako. How do I stop the looping phrases?

by admin posted Jun 23 2021, 9:03

My guess is that your default response was setting an exclusive "topic", and was the only default response for that topic.

If they is an active topic, then the default response with a matching topic will be used.

If a topic is set to be "exclusive" then only response that have that topic will be used. So if your default response sets an exclusive topic, and is the only response with that topic, then it will always be return after the topic is active.

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by Halycon25 posted Jul 12 2021, 3:22

How do I remove the "Bwaah" response and also reset the "exclusive" topic so that the bot doesn't repeat itself again?

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by admin posted Jul 12 2021, 9:42

You can view all your default responses from your bot's Training & Chat Logs page.

Check each response to see if it has a topic or exclusive topic (click on the topic checkbox to show topics).

If it has an exclusive topic, uncheck the "exclusive" checkbox and save. If it has a topic that you do not want clear the topic and save the response.

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Posted: Jun 22 2021, 10:01
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