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Chit Chat : How to get bot to correct its grammar problems

RE: How to get bot to correct its grammar problems

by admin posted Oct 21 2018, 8:54

These responses are most likely coming from your bot's NounVerbAdjectiveStateMachine or Understanding script. You seem to have many duplicate scripts, you should delete the duplicates, or rebootstrap your bot's scripts and re add the ones you want.

Your bot is very old (2014), and Bot Libre has evolved since then, so you may also consider rebuilding your bot.

To rebuild a bot do the following:

  • Export your bot's response list from its Training & Chat Logs page
  • Export any of your bot's custom scripts
  • "fork" the bot to make a backup
  • Go to your bot's Knowledge page and click "Delete All" to reset the bot
  • Go to the bot's Scripts page and click "Rebootstrap"
  • Delete the scripts you don't want, add the additional script you want from the script library or from your old bot
  • Import the response list from the old bot

You also have learning enabled in your bot, I would not recommend this as you can easily inadvertently teach your bot bad responses. It is better to train your bot using correction, or using its Training & Chat Logs page.

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Posted: Oct 21 2018, 8:54
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