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another improvement for chatbots

by bobred posted Mar 15 2018, 5:37

could you make it so there is a choice that allows a chatbot to know if a certain question has been said before and then have a default saying for it.

like for instance if I type the question I like pizza.the response would be I do not like pizza. if I type it again the default saying would be you already said that.

and if I type the question please sit down.the response would be I sit down.but if I type it again.the default response would be I am already sitting down.could this be done with think in the labels?and how would I do it?

by admin posted Mar 18 2018, 12:10
You can do this by using a "previous" response or using an "on repeat".




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Posted: Mar 15 2018, 5:37
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