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by BM posted Feb 21 2018, 5:31

Hi, I am looking for a way to get the user location from self script. I know we can get location of the facebook user, but I am not looking for facebook location request. I am looking for user location who is directly chatting with bot through this platform. Is this possible, could you please explain it to me with an example.

by admin posted Feb 21 2018, 8:09
We do not currently provide access to the user's location for web/mobile.

For your own website you can set this up using our command framework.
You can have the bot return a command with a respond requesting the user's location. You would then need to check for this command in your own JavaScript code on your website and send the user's location to in a message.

For privacy reasons we cannot provide location access to bots on, but we could provide this support from our commercial platform Bot Libre for Business,

Updated: Feb 21 2018, 8:09
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by BM posted Jul 23 2018, 5:59

How can I get the command sent from my bot in JavaScript. Is there any property in SDK which stores the command?

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by admin posted Jul 23 2018, 9:24
The command is stored in the message.command attribute. i.e.
if (responseMessage.command != null) {
     var command = JSON.parse(responseMessage.command);

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Posted: Feb 21 2018, 5:31
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