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This is really annoying

by CyberFur posted Jan 21 2016, 15:22

Every time I say the slightest thing to my bot, like "Hello" it just says ERROR: Profanity, offensive or sexual language is not allowed. It's started saying that for every thing I say.

by admin posted Jan 21 2016, 20:19
I tested your bot, and "Hello" gave the response "Hey there, what's up?"

My guess is that you or another user flagged responses as offensive while chatting (red flag button). Flagging a response will give a profanity error if used.

You can clear your flagged phrases from your bot's Admin Console, in the Training & Chat Logs page. Select "flagged response" for "all time" and clear any that should not be flagged. You had a bunch of phrases in there, so I cleared them.

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by CyberFur posted Jan 23 2016, 6:38

Thanks. I also have another concern. The scripts I imported don't seem to be doing what they're supposed to, for example I put in all the math scripts yet it still can't do basic addition.

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by admin posted Jan 23 2016, 10:22
This took me a while to figure out.

For some reason you set your "Conversation Match %" and "Discussion Match %" to 10000% in your bot's Learning page. Since no response can have more than a 100% match, this prevents any scripts from evaluating as a match.

The default values for these are 50% for conversation and 90% for discussion, do not set the values to > 100%.

I reset the values, and your bot can do math now.

I would recommend only using the Calculator script that comes from the Bootstrap scripts, the other math scripts are not needed.

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Posted: Jan 21 2016, 15:22
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