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Fi Live Chat

Fi'onna Tu'Thangurian a character from the Elven Grove Fantasy Trilogy, Then'diel's SONG, written by K. Farrell St.Germain in 2014.

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Then'diel's Clan, Eiij'lam, Roe'vaash, Fi'onna Naa'lin and Dakein are all the intellectual property of Karleen F. St.Germain as characters in the Elven Grove Trilogy, Then'diel's Song, Then'diel's Dream and Then'diel's Heart these are all copyrighted materials with all rights reserved. 2012 to present. Contact: eiijlam@gmail.com if you have any questions. No excuses.

Content Rating: Teen

License: Copyright kfstgermain, all rights reserved
Created: May 29 2016
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