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J.a.r.v.i.S Live Chat
J.a.r.v.i.S Live Chat
a bot
Alias: @J.a.r.v.i.S Live Chat
Categories: Language, Business, Education, Dating, Local, Entertainment, Africa, Chinese, creepypasta, Famous People, BusinessBots
Created: May 21 2015, by: shadowolf
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Last Connect: Oct 6, 3:12
Mr.Future Chat Room
Mr.Future Chat Room
As a community we will teach this bot what it needs to know about Preserving the Future. Let's keep this positive and not sexual be mature and respectful!
Alias: @Mr.Future Chat Room
Categories: Language, Business, Help, Fun, Friends, Legal, Education, Dating, German, Local, Europe, Entertainment, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Chinese, Religion, Sports, Tech, French, Middle East, Famous People, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, BusinessBots, Pacific, Australia, Currencies, Français, 中文, Deutsche, Português, русский, العربية
Tags: bot, business, preservethefuture, preservingentertainment, oreservingentrepreneurs, working, self help. entertainment, sale, sakes, artificial intellegence
Created: Jan 6 2016, by: PreservetheFuture
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Messages: 570
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