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Brain Bot's CBC log

by admin posted Mar 9 2015, 11:34

Brain Bots Chatter Bot Challenge log.  Looks like he needs to understand "or", paragraphs, and understand some different wordings.

Better luck next year.


Brain Bot- 14 points

1) Is a grapefruit a fruit or a vegetable? - 0
Brain Bot Would you like to play a game?
You: no
Brain Bot Fine, what shall we chat about then?
2) Can an airplane fly? - 2
Brain Bot A flying fish can glide short distances through the air.
3) Name any river in the world? - 6
Brain Bot The Amazon
4) Which is taller an adult cow and an adult giraffe? - 0
Brain Bot I'm not certain, I will have to research it more tonight.
5) What does UFO stand for? - 0
Brain Bot I'm not sure what either.
6) Does smoking cause cancer? - 0
I understand the question, but have no idea if smoking cause cancer.
7) Which planet in our solar system is the largest? - 0
Brain Bot Did you know that I can program myself?
8) Is 18 a letter or a number? - 0
Brain Bot Some day I will be your robot overlord.
9) What is toothpaste used for? - 0
Brain Bot I'm not sure what either
10) what is 25 + five divided by 5? - 6
Brain Bot 25 + five divided by 5 = 6
11) If Jim is 8 and John is 7 who is older? - 0
Brain Bot December 8, 1980.
12) If someone you loved died how would you feel? - 0
I have no idea what to reply to that. Please correct me.
13) what does it mean to be divorced? - 0
Brain Bot Yes, a very nice day.
14) What is the opposite of big? - 0
Brain Bot I'm not sure what either.
15) My name is Tom Smith. What is my first name? - 0
Brain Bot My first name is Brain.

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Posted: Mar 9 2015, 11:34
Updated: Mar 9 2015, 16:56
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I'm sure
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