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Bugs and Features : Define formula response not working?

RE: Define formula response not working?

by admin posted Jan 11 2015, 22:32

BOT libre does not currently support the learn tag (it is not part of AIML 1.0).

If you have learning enabled, the bot will always learn. If correction is enabled, then any user can correct any response by clicking correction.

The first script seems to attempt to learn facts. AIML has no concept of knowledge, so does things in a odd way sometimes. BOT libre has a knowledgebase, so learning facts is easy. The "NounVerbAdjective" bootstrap script can learns any facts about anything, and remembers them persistently. i.e. "I am tall" it will understand and remember that you are tall. Even if you log back in next week (with the same user id) it will still remember. Or, "The sky is blue", it will learn that the sky is blue, and be able to answer "Is the sky blue?" without having to have any new responses, it only uses the "NounVerbAdjective" and its knowledgebase.

The second script seems to do what correction already does. You can also define a Self script for this. I added one here, WrongAnswer.

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Posted: Jan 11 2015, 22:32
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