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Help : Weak Understanding

RE: Weak Understanding

by admin posted Feb 28 2020, 9:08

The understanding script can understand simple phrases of the form "noun - verb - adjective" or some variations.

For the bot to understand it must know what type of word it is, the bot will load word data from Wiktionary as it encounters new words. The first time the bot encounters a new word it will not understand, but it will load the word data from Wiktionary in the background so that the next time it will understand the word. Some words such as names it may not find on Wiktionary, although Harry appears to be there.

Also ensure you don't have learning enabled as this will have the bot learning your responses, so you will end up getting your own response back.

Log from new "basic template" bot.

is snow white
Sorry, I do not understand, perhaps rephrase your question.
is snow white
I'm not sure if snow is white.
snow is white
I understand, snow is white.
is snow white
That's right, snow is white.
is Harry sleeping
Sorry, but I do not understand.
Harry is sleeping
I believe you that Harry is sleeping.
is Harry sleeping
Yes, to my knowledge Harry is sleeping.

by lucky2b posted Feb 28 2020, 12:03
Still My problem hasn't solved because when I say him "Chetan Is Sleeping", Then He Says, I dont understand.

So Do you have any solution for this ???

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by admin posted Feb 28 2020, 12:58

The bot does not know the word "Chetan". You would need to train the bot with this word first.

You can add the word from the bot's Training & Chat Logs page.

You can also tell the bot about the word through the DefineWord script.

Chetan is a noun
Chetan is sleeping
Okay, I will remember that Chetan is Sleeping.

Updated: Feb 28 2020, 12:58
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by lucky2b posted Mar 1 2020, 0:25
Thank You So Much, Sir !!!!

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Posted: Feb 28 2020, 9:08
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