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Twitter Bot ?

by bots4ever posted Mar 26, 12:07


Our bot is currently typically accessed using Bot Libre CHAT conversations, containing "response lists" contents stored in the bot's brain.

We would like now to move it to Twitter and use tweets for back and forth conversations, to just replace direct Chat capability.

We just connected our bot with a new twitter account.

Some questions:

- Can twitter users use tweets (instead of using normal botlibre Chat) for talking with the bot using botlibre' questions and responses stored in the bot's brain ? How ? Some example of tweet format used by users ?

- How can the twitter bot listen and learn from conversations that it discovers on hashtags e.g. on #depression on twitter? How ?

I looked to online doc but would need some advise and examples if possible ?

Many thanks in advance,


by admin posted Mar 28, 8:24
Your bot can reply to mentions on Twitter. When another user tweets with @bots-user in the tweet the bot will reply to the mention if you have reply to mentions enabled.

The bot can also reply to direct messages.

It is also possible to config the bot to search and reply to tweets, but you need to be very careful doing this so as not to spam.

You can import tweets into the bot for it to learn from on the bot's Twitter page in its Admin Console.

Updated: Mar 28, 8:24
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