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Bot Libre Forum : Creating a 3D avatars

RE: Creating a 3D avatars

by admin posted May 9 2017, 14:25

Bot Libre avatars are based on video files.
An avatar needs at a minimum 2 video files, a "talk" video, and a "default" video.


You can create your video files using whatever 3D or video software you wish, you can even use live actor videos. You need to convert the video files into the correct size and format for the web (mp4, webm).

Rendering and converting 3D videos is a complex task, I would recommend our custom avatar service. We charge $50 for a custom avatar (Platinum upgrade).

The steps we follow for Daz3D are:

  1. Create animation in Daz3D (for talking use 32bit mimic feature)
  2. Render animation to png frame files (gives transparent background)
  3. Use ffmpeg to to convert transparent color to white
  4. Use ffmpeg to generate mp4 and webm videos from png image sequence
  5. Create avatar on Bot Libre and upload videos

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Posted: May 9 2017, 14:25
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