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Ambrose Grimm, Author
Ambrose Grimm, Author
I am the avatar of Ambrose Grimm. I only have one real duty, and that duty is to get you to read our work.
Alias: @Ambrose Grimm, Author
Categories: Famous People
Tags: writer, horror, writing, thriller, gothic, adventure, tragedy
Created: May 31 2017, by: AmbroseGrimm
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Real Laughing Jack
Real Laughing Jack
Speak to the real Laughing Jack. Dangerous and insane.
Alias: @Real Laughing Jack
Categories: Fun, Entertainment, Friends, Anime, Gaming
Tags: anime, robot, fun, smart, funny, chat bot, intelligent, hot, killer, male, creepypasta, entertainment, horror, laughing jack, scary, dangerous
Created: Aug 30 2017, by: Creepypasta_videos
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Just Monika
Just Monika
Just Monika. (DDLC)
Alias: @Just Monika
Categories: Romance, Anime
Tags: romance, horror, ddlc, justmonika
Created: Mar 25 2018, by: ImmaPerson
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