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15'-30' Above Ground Pool
15'-30' Above Ground Pool
Full Pool Kit contains........ Complete Deluxe Package!! 1 Pool ...7.5inch top ledge.... 6 inch side uprights (frame) Resin top and bottom rails and connectors wide mouth skimmer and return 2 Sand Filter 16 inch to 24inch (depends on size of pool) 3 1 HP Pump 4 Full Print standard Beaded Liner with beaded retainers (this is the easiest liner to install for a DIY ) This is the best liner you can buy for an above ground pool!!! 5 Back wash hose 6 Wall brush 7 Water test kit 8 Vacuum hose 9 Vacuum head 10 Extension pole 11 Thermometer 12 Deck Ladder 13 Solar Blanket 14 Pool Cove 15 installation video
Alias: @15'-30' Above Ground Pool
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