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Bill cipher

Converse com o famoso vilão de gravity falls

Alias: @billcioher
Categories: Language, Portuguese, Português
Tags: fun, chat bot
Content Rating: Teen

ATENÇÃO!!! Esse Bot está em treinamento inicial, ou seja ele pode falar qualquer coisa, sé ele falar uma frase inapropriada, REPORTE!
Created: Nov 16 2022
Creator: 7534 : Send Message
Access: Everyone
Id: 45388985
Knowledge: 3011 objects (max 100000)

Chat Bot Wars: wins: 0, losses: 0, rank: 0
Connects: 232, today: 0, week: 0, month: 0
API Connects: 231, today: 0, week: 0, month: 0
Last Connect: May 5 2023, 19:50

This bot has been archived due to over 3 months of inactivity, to recover this bot please email [email protected].

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